Raindance Film Festival 2020: My Thoughts Are Silent

The next on my list for Raindance is this quirky Ukrainian comedy-drama film written and directed by Antonio Lukich. Following sound engineer, Vadym (Andriy Lidagovskiy) who is tasked with recording the sound of a rare bird that can only be found in the mountains in Transcarparthia and embarks on this journey with his mother, Galia… Read More Raindance Film Festival 2020: My Thoughts Are Silent

London Film Festival 2020: Ammonite

One of the final films for this year’s London Film Festival comes in the form of Francis Lee’s Ammonite. Written and directed by Lee, the film follows Victorian palaeontologist Mary Anning and her time spent with Charlotte Murchison who would eventually become a palaeontologist herself. Starring Oscar winner Kate Winslet and Oscar nominee Saoirse Ronan… Read More London Film Festival 2020: Ammonite