91st Academy Awards – Technology Awards

My last blog on this year’s Oscars concludes with the Technology awards. This year has seen a huge number of large scale blockbusters that heavily use CGI to achieve their vision as well as smaller films that rely on using what they have. Both methods take imagination and it’s great to see films recognised across this spectrum.

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Here is my roundup of this year’s technology award winners!

Best Visual Effects

It seemed that Black Panther was the favourite to take this award home but the team for Neil Armstrong biopic First Man won. I feel that this film was deeply overlooked in various categories, particularly sound editing and this one throughout awards season but to see it recognised for its terrifically executed effects was deserved. I don’t think I have ever felt so claustrophobic watching a film before but this film managed to accomplish this from the first scene. Although the cast was the main talking point for this film on its release, I think that the visual effects were the standout feature of this film.

Best Sound Editing

I was happy to see First Man nominated in this category but given that it was up against box office smash Bohemian Rhapsody, I knew that it would lose. Personally, I feel that First Man should have taken this home but Bohemian Rhapsody is a film that relies heavily on its sound editing. I think that First Man used sound in a way that I hadn’t expected or seen before.

Best Sound Mixing

Again, Bohemian Rhapsody was the expected winner here and didn’t disappoint. I was happy with the win considering how they utilised mixing the Rami Malek’s vocals with Freddie’s so it wasn’t simply a case of Malek lip syncing his way through the film. It helped enhance Malek’s amazing performance and I think the win in this category was thoroughly deserved.

Best Editing

A lot of wins for Bohemian Rhapsody in the categories in this blog and this is the one of the film’s wins that I strongly disagreed with personally. I think that my main problem with the film as a whole was it’s editing. There were scenes that consisted of numerous cuts that made the film jittery. The film on the whole doesn’t flow well because it is badly paced and the editing is one of the main contributors to this problem. I thought that Hank Corwin should have won this category for his brilliant editing in Vice. It was innovative and unexpected, keeping the audience in a state of discomfort as we didn’t know what would happen next. The editing in Vice reflected the erratic nature of its subject and I think it conveys this fantastically.

Best Cinematography

Without a shadow of a doubt, this was Alfonso Cuaron’s for the taking and he won it completely deservedly for Roma. He manages to convey the problems of a Mexican classist society by keeping the focus solely on protagonist Cleo. Cleo becomes an embodiment of the working class female and the struggles of living a life that seems to be against her. Her story is told in black and white but the film is anything but. It teeters on a spectrum of emotions as we see Cleo in her darkest moments as well as her happier times as she navigates a pregnancy. Cleo’s friendship with her employer is beautifully conveyed as well as the two women bond over their mutual struggles.

That’s it for my Oscars roundup! What did you think of this year’s ceremony? Leave your comments below!

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